Silt Fencing

Silt Fencing

Enviro-Pro's silt fence is a temporary sediment solution that consists of a synthetic silt fence filter fabric barrier attached to supporting posts installed in soil trenches. Silt fencing is not a permanent erosion control practice, but can be an effective solution for many applications. Silt fencing was created to slow and allow the ponding of water, enabling soil particles to settle. It has been used in the construction industry for years to temporarily control sediment. Silt fencing is not a solution for high waters and should only be installed where shallow pools can form. Depending on the situation, silt fencing may complement other erosion control solutions. Your Enviro-Pro sales consultant can provide you with customized recommendations for your application.

Silt Fence Installation Guidelines


Silt Fence with Wood Stakes

3' X 100' 70 gram

3' X 100' 100 gram (DOT)

Available with:

  • 11 stakes (10' on center),
  • 13 stakes (8' o.c.), 17 stakes (6' o.c.)
  • 21 stakes (5' o.c.) with 1 1/4" nominal hardwood stake pre-attached.

See below for other available stake sizes. You can also have your company name, logo & phone number printed on all silt fence.Silt-Fence-Wood-Stakes

Harwood Pencil Tipped Stakes

Our stakes are made from premium hardwood resulting in less breakage, with pencil points for easy and straight driving.Wooden Stakes (3)

Silt Fence Master Rolls

  • 3' x 330' 70 gram
  • 3' x 330' 100 gram
  • 3' x 1,500' 70 gram
  • 3' x 1,500' 100 gram (DOT)

Silt Fence Master Rolls

Wire Back Silt Fence

If fencing is not an option, Enviro-Pro's prefabricated, wire-back silt fence is a reliable, low-maintenance measure to help contain sediment and silt around construction sites, roadwork, and other job locations.

Our wire-backed, silt fence is available in different wire sizes and fabric weights to accommodate various sites demands and requirements.

  • 14GA  4"x4"  2'X100'  with 3' 70GSM fabric
  • 14GA  2"x4"  2'X100'  with 3' 100GSM fabric
  • 12.5GA  2"x4"  2'X100'  with 3' 100GSM fabric

Wire Back



Made from rail steel for resiliency and strength.

  • Raw 0.85lbs x 4' No Plate
  • Raw 1.25lbs x 5' No Plate