Enviro-Pro's Sandbags are made of polypropylene and used for such purposes as

  • Flood and water control
  • Hazardous containment
  • Soil erosion
  • Fire control
  • Roadway construction
  • Barricades and compost sales

Sandbags are the go to during emergencies when rivers threaten to over flood or a levee or dike is damaged. They also get utilized as weights for geomembrane liners in windy conditions. Additionally, they may be used for

  • Disposable ballast in gas balloons
  • Counterweights for theater sets
  • Weight training
  • Traction for rear wheel drive vehicles. 


  • The size of each bag is 12" x 18" ~40LB each 60/Tote Bag
  • Bags are treated with UV inhibitors so they can withstand 1600 hours of ultra violet exposure.
  • Each bag has a hemmed top and a tie string to close the bag
  • Customs bag sizes are available
  • Sands Bags are shipped full and ready to use

Sandbag Brochure