Erosion Logs



Erosion logs are commonly known as straw wattles, fiber logs, sediment logs or Aspen fiber wattles. Erosion logs are generally sold in two sizes: 9" x 25' and 12" x 10' (Other sizes available on request). Enviro-Pro's sediment logs are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. This erosion solution is created by filling tubes of geotextile fabric with straw, coconut or Aspen wood fiber. Straw wattles are lighter weight and filled with straw. Aspen wattles are a heavy duty, livestock-friendly alternative to straw wattles, as cows will not eat the filling.

Erosion logs or wattles are used to slow overland flow and fragment slope lengths. Enviro-Pro's Straw Wattles and logs are permeable barriers used to detain surface runoff long enough to reduce flow velocity. The materials used in Enviro-Pro's erosion wattles and logs allow water to flow through the device while capturing runoff sediments.

Erosion Control Log Applications Include

  • Erosion Protection
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Sediment Control
  • Storm Water Runoff Control
  • Enhances Re-Vegetation of Slopes
  • Contour Log Felling

These erosion control devices are commonly used on construction sites, near highways, along with the shorelines of lakes and ponds, on golf courses, at ski resorts, and at vineyards. Straw or Aspen Wattle dams are also used for contour log felling on burned slopes. Erosion control logs are as effective as hand trenching, but considering the length of effectiveness, erosion logs are a longer-term solution. Straw wattles are sometimes used as an alternative to silt fencing.


When properly installed by an experienced team like Enviro-Pro, erosion control logs are installed in a shallow trench and aligned to form a continuous barrier across the slopes of a work site to intercept, slow down, and redirect water running down the slope. The number of wattles required will depend on normal rainfall intensity, slope steepness, and soil characteristics, but generally, you want less than a 45% gradient. Enviro-Pro's team can both deliver and install the ideal erosion-control solution for your application.

maintenance and durability

A proper installation by Enviro-Pro can minimize maintenance on erosion logs. Professional installation is one of the most important indicators of whether straw wattles or Aspen fiber wattles will be effective long term. Short-term inspection is recommended to ensure that the erosion logs stayed anchored. Erosion control logs work well as part of a long-term solution to erosion on slopes, particularly when paired with mulch and erosion control blankets. Erosion logs can provide slope protection for up to three to five years, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. All of Enviro-Pro's sediment logs are 100% biodegradable.