Erosion Control Blankets



Enviro-Pro's all natural biodegradable and photodegradable erosion control blankets provide an environmentally friendly solution for most erosion control problems. Erosion control blankets are used to temporarily stabilize and protect disturbed soil from raindrop impact, runoff, and increased infiltration, while aiding in decreased compaction and conserving soil moisture. With an erosion control blanket, the resulting stabilized soils will allow the native vegetation to repopulate which will provide a permanent barrier to soil erosion.

Enviro-Pro's line of erosion control blankets are made from organic, biodegradable materials such as straw and coconut fiber. These materials are used alone or in combination with other Enviro-Pro erosion products, and can provide erosion protection lasting up to 3 years. Each erosion control blanket is machine-produced and bound with UV degradable (photodegradable) polypropylene netting or all natural biodegradable jute netting.


Single Net Straw Blankets - Designed for low-flow channels and moderate slopes. Degrades in ± 1 year.

Double Net Straw Blankets - More durable, and designed for low-flow channels and moderate slopes. Degrades in ± 1 year.

Double Net Straw/Coconut Blankets - Designed for steeper inclines and higher-flow situations. An extended-term solution that degrades in ± 2 years.

Double Net Coconut Blankets - Designed for steep slopes that require a tougher solution.

Turf Reinforcement Blankets - Designed for protection of shorelines, channels and extreme slopes. Non-biodegradable. Resistant to U.V. and chemical degradation.

Anchoring Devices – Enviro-Pro offers a variety of anchoring devices for our erosion control products. They include sod staples/pins, wooden stakes and posts.

Sod Staples - 6"x11 Gauge (1000 / box). Secure erosion control blankets that tack down underlying fabrics, and help to secure seams and edges.