Poly Walls

Poly-Wall barriers are portable, lightweight, strong and easy-to-install forms of secondary containment for Oil and Gas productions sites.

Poly-Walls can easily be customized for numerous applications, with multiple liner options available, and wall heights ranging from 1’ – 4’.

No excavation, anchoring or hand tools required. Assembly can be easily accomplished with as few as two people.

poly wall barrier

Features of our Poly Walls

  •       1' to 4' containment walls
  •       Slip-proof materials
  •       Adjustable material clips
  •       No hand tools required for assembly
  •       Easy set-up for as few as 2 people
  •       Built-in pockets for LMAS antenna
  •       No ground anchors or filling walls with water
  •       Sections only weigh 45lbs.
  •       Portable non-slip entry stairs
  •       Available in different colors
  •       Strong as steel containment
  •       Used by United States Military
  •       Rental, installation and maintenance services are also available

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