Drive Over Berms

Enviro-Pro offers 4” drive over foam berms to accommodate the containment needs of Oil and Gas production sites. With safety in mind, each system comes with non-slip reinforced LLDPE able to contain any liquid. Enviro-Pro has available inventory and offers international delivery to job sites. Rental, installation and maintenance services are available.


Environmentally safe

Slip Resistant Materials

Drive Over Durability

Portable or Semi-Permanent

One or Two Man Installation


Made in USA

Berm Specifications

Versatile Solution - Contains any Liquid

Expanded Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam

Custom-Sized for any Leak or Spill Area

Patent Pending "Sealed-Seam" Construction

HDPE Underlayment for Harsh Terrain

Spring-Back Foam for Drive over Ability

Reflective Corners for Greater Visibility

Grommeted Corner Stake-Down Tabs

Easy "Fold-N-Go" Transport

Built-In Pockets for LMAS Antenna

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4" drive over berms

Grommet anchors on corners

high visibility reflective corners (inside/outside)

Expanded close cell polyethylene foam

Patent-pending “sealed-seam” construction

Lightweight, rapid deployment, reusable and long-lasting

One-piece design for reinforced stability

HDPE underlayment for harsh terrain

Built-in pockets for LMAS antenna

Available in custom colors with logo

Ready Rise Drive Over Berm

Lays out like 4" Drive Over Berm

Rises to 12" if Fluid Level Requires

High Visibility Reflective Corners (Inside/Outside)

Grommet Anchors on Corners

Lightweight, Rapid Deployment, Reusable and Long Lasting!

Expanded Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam

Patent Pending "Sealed-Seam" Construction