Containment Accessories

Pipe Stands

Pipe Stands are an alternative solution for the pipe-laying procedure. Pipe Stands require less manual labor, are easy to use and are very economical. With their lightweight, plastic construction, Pipe Stands require less installation and maintenance in the field. Plus, plastic does not deteriorate over time. Pipe Stands can be stacked in the back of a truck bed, a huge advantage over hauling 4x4 cribbing wood. Pipe stands can be lifted from truck and placed in appropriate position by one person. And with their cylindrical shape, Pipe Stands allow for a stronger base than rectangular options. Available in 8”, 12” and 24”.


Load Line Containers

With their durable plastic construction, our Spill Box load line containers comply with grounding and safety regulations. Available with either a 2”, 3” or 4” adapter with siphon. The load line spill box hangs on the sidewall, making them easily accessible from outside of the containment while still being inside the system. For security purposes, the spill box can be locked. Plus the UV protection provides a longer lifespan.


Drum Containers

High-density, UV-protected containers are designed for storing all kinds of petroleum liquids. Six sizes are available with capacities up to 9 ft., or 950 gallons.