Case Studies

Geomembrane liners are credited for many environment-friendly applications. This project was unique, as it allowed a California power plant and a Salmon population to co-exist in the Sacramento River.

Presented by the Fabricated Geomembrane Institute

silt fencing
Vinita Glover

A silt fence is a temporary sediment barrier made of porous fabric. It’s held up by wooden or metal posts driven into the ground, so it’s inexpensive and relatively easy to remove. The fabric ponds sediment-laden storm water runoff, causing sediment to be retained by the settling processes. A single 100 foot run of silt fence may hold 50 tons of sediment in place. Most construction sites today do have silt fences. But many do not work effectively because they are not well designed, installed, or maintained.

Keeping soil onsite, instead of being washed away into streams, rivers, ponds, lakes or estuaries, silt fence can help prevent degradation of aquatic habitats and siltation of harbor channels.  It also stops sewers from being clogged with sediment from wash off onto a roadway.  The cost is considerably less than having to dredge navigation channels, cleaning sediment out of the sewer or having to endure the consequences of losing an aquatic species.  

Silt fence is an extremely effective way to stop erosion while working on a construction site. Once all activities are completed the Silt Fence can be removed and Hydroseeding or other methods can begin to keep the medium in place on a permanent scale.

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Geomembrane liners are rapidly being used to provide containment in tailings storage facilities. Installation is performed in stages and was designed to keep the environment in place while performing the necessary tasks of the job. Geosynthetic liners are the better choice to provide containment due to construction ease, a lack of available or suitable on-site sources for a soil liner, and effective long-term performance.